Gardening problems with neighbors

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Gardening problems with neighbors

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A friend of mine is having a somewhat annoying problems with the neighbors. The neighbor is an avid gardner who likes their hobby too much. One time, my friend found that they have planted stuff on their properly (just over the property line) and warned the neighbors about keeping boundary. This would be fine, but my friend notice recently that some of the plants near the property has die from what appears to be roundup spraying. My friends suspects the neighbors are now killing the plants that they don't like, but that would be hard to prove. My friend is doing nothing for now, since a plant or two isn't really worth neighbor dispute. Should my friend contact the police and file a report. May be a police presence may keep the neighbor in line without making threats. A survilance camera can be install, but how do this without appearing to be looking at the neighbor's property?

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